Said of our tours!

Once again a tour we will remember for long time with joy!

Wonderful experience: Fantastic terrain, super choice of roads to cycle, really god food, amazing weather (we had just the first day with rain, and then just sunny days), super accomodation spots!!

Hello and we are well back from this cycling tour. Sicily really impressed us, for its nature, food and culture. A fine arrangement you have, varied and events-ful, well prepared as we were expected and welcomed well at every place. You can just dream of finding these hotels by yourself!

All places were nice and tidy, food with delicious flavors, so this was no diet holiday as you said, + a lot of god wine, for tasting and in other circumstances. The bike were good and working well.

Thanks for a great trip in beautiful surroundings, excellent food and beverages!  3 days cycling in Sicily with Sissel Bakken have just ended … Great planning, wonderful hotel, just perfect with 5 miles a day, great food, many beautiful things to see: a highlight was lunch and wine tasting at Cantine Barbera. Great food and wine. This calls for a revisit.

Everybody agreed that the program was excellent! The 12 of us in Tronheim thank you for an unforgettable tour. We were very happy with the varied program during the week with many highlights, especially Etna on the last day. It was difficult to return to everyday life, and the climate here in Tronheim. Probably at least some of us will return sometime.

Thank you for our time together – we had a super week in Sicily!

Thanks for a great tour. Thanks to you and your husband, we cyclists got the chance to experience Sicily in this successful manner. Sending two pictures, where you are a very dedicated motif. And this enthusiasm brought us great joy.

Thank you for your trip with top notch guidance!

Thanks for a brilliant tour, the cycling was great and there was food and wine in abundance.

First of all, I’d like to thank you for a trip that was simply fantastic. Especially thanks to you and your knowledge of the island and the way you “led us forward” on the bike tours. You managed to stop exactly when we needed to take a break!! You clearly knew the trail very well. The other people on our tour were very nice, so it was altogether a great success. Cozy abodes.

We have returned home in great shape from a wonderful tour. The tour was a great experience, thanks a lot!

Heartfelt thanks for a fantastic trip to Sicily! We think about it every day, and we’re looking forward to the next trip at Easter.

We are well and back in Norway. Thanks for a great program on our cycle tour! The fog was dense over Mount Etna, so we never reached the summit.  But we had 3 excellent days in Ortigia…

The program looks just super, and we’re looking so much forward to the tour!

Greetings from the far North. 4 degrees today, heavy clouds, but what does that matter when we’re able to think back upon the great memories from our cycling tour! Thanks so much for your wonderful program! It is difficult to explain here back home how great it actually was. We really enjoyed ourselves. Thinking a lot about the breakfast we had with the peasant woman, who had baked bread and had hens and chickens!

Thanks again for the well thought out and successful tour! As I wrote in my SMS, everybody was overly enthusiastic about all the experiences they managed to have in just one week.

We returned home well with great impressions from the tour. Everybody asked me to please thank you for your great efforts.

Your local knowledge and great mood gave us an experience for life.

Thanks for a great program and incredible follow-up and service. Even the greatest globetrotters and the poorest knees were very pleased. The hosts at our stopovers were also very friendly and helpful. The final farm lunch was top-notch.

Would just like to thank everybody for the incredibly great week we had together on two wheels last week. It was an incredibly fine and close-knit group, and we thought the trip was in every way very successful.

It was a bit of an anticlimax to return home to lower temperatures and rain, but let’s hope that summer sets in very soon.

Thanks a lot, Sissel! We’ve had a couple of wonderful days. You arranged an incredible route for us with such amazing accommodations. Now that we’re safely back home, we’re really thrilled about having had so many great experiences in just 4 days. And what delicious meals! We enjoyed yesterday’s lunch on the way to the airport in Mondello, a fantastic ending point. We’ll be back! Ryanair makes the trip short and easy. This was great!