The Greeks colonized most parts of the Mediterranean more than 2500 years ago. Also Sicily became greek, especially the southern part of the island. The greeks have left their cultural and architectural heritage, which characterize this island. The combination of cycling and history is exiting. On this tour you are more taken by the experience than the kilometers upwards! This is a tour that fits many!
This part of the coast offers also the best beaches, which you usually have the opportunity to experience by yourselves. You will cycle along the coast, passing by small villagers where you can take a break in a bar.
The beach and cultural memories are always near.

You get the wind in the back and the sun in tha face!

THE GREEK SICILY BY BIKE. Easy cycling from Trapani to Agrigento


You’ll arrive at the airport in Catania or Palermo and be taken by bus or taxi to the farm hotel in Trapani. You’ll receive bicycles with all the needed equipment along with maps and route descriptions. You’ll spend the night there, enjoying a nice dinner. The farm is several hundred years old, and it is surrounded by vines, olive and citrus trees and vegetable beds. Nero d’Avola wine is produced here along with citrus jams and olive oil.


You’ll start biking in the morning. After an hour ride, you’ll reach the beautiful Stagnone reserve by the coast. Here, the extraction of high quality salt has been the main activity since the 12th century. With the help of wind mills, water is pumped up from the shallow pools, and then salt is left behind. By the end of the 1800s, salt was being exported all the way to Norway. From a bar on the beach front, there is a great view to the island Mozia, which measures only 45 acres.  Here you’ll find some of the most well-preserved remains of the Phoenicians. You continue cycling southwards along the coast to the town of Marsala. You can take a short stop at the museum of the Punic ship, and those who want to can take a swim in the ocean from the cliffs right by the museum. Then you’ll turn right into the old town section, where you have lunch at a characteristic place. In the evening, you’ll be cycling east-bound to the farm hotel, where you’ll spend the night and enjoy Sicilian dinner.


After breakfast, you’ll head south along the coast through an agricultural landscape. Asphalt roads with very little traffic will lead to the town of Mazara del Vallo, where you’ll find a wonderful opportunity to go for a swim! This town has one of Italy’s most important ports and has always been influenced by its close contact with North Africa: Tunisians and Sicilians have always lived side by side here. You can take a walk around the mazy Arab old town, and visit the Satiro museum. There you’ll see the remains of a Greek dancing figure, found by some fishermen a couple of years ago. In this town, you’ll feel as if you were in Tunis. You’ll have no problem finding a wonderful lunch for yourself here at the local trattorias. Afterwards, you head east along the coast out of town, cycling through the countryside along vines, wildflowers and peacefully grazing sheep. The landscape is no longer flat, but begins to stir. You can take a break at the quarry Cave di Cusa. 2500 years ago, the Greeks carved the building parts for the temples in Seliunte. That is very close to the farm hotel, where you’ll spend the night and enjoy a nice dinner again. The hotel has a swimming pool.


In the morning, you will be rolling southward and, after 15 minutes, you’ll reach the temples of Seliunte. In the 5th and 6th century BC this city had over 100,000 inhabitants and was among the richest and most powerful cities in the world. It was the westernmost of the Greek cities in Sicily. You can take a walk around the temple grounds.  The walk among these buildings is adventurous, and you’ll feel like being part of both past and present at the same time. Nature plays an important role here, as the Greeks built temples in special places in terrain that had certain characteristics.  After that, you’ll have a chance to take a swim on one of Sicily’s most beautiful beaches. In the afternoon, you’ll cycle through a natural reserve until you reach the road to Menfi. This is one of the island’s most important places for grape growing and wine production. The road winds its way between grapevines: here the landscape becomes a little more hilly, but not so much to be tiresome. Soon in the distance you’ll catch sight of Rocca Ficuzza where, under this cliff, lies Sciacca. This town has been famous for its health spas since the Phoenician era. It also has a lively harbor full of shops, selling pottery made by local artists. You will be staying the night in a B&B in the old town.


You’ll start heading south, and then upwards towards Ribera. This small town is known for its orange cultivation. Here you’ll have the opportunity to take a break in a bar. From there you’ll once again continue along trafficless roads, out towards the coast, and soon you’ll arrive in Capo Bianco. You’ll see the ruins after the Greek town of Eraclea Minoa with the theater overlooking the lake: the view is fantastic. Then the tour heads down towards another of the island’s most beautiful beaches, and of course, you will have time for a nice swim. In the evening, you will reach the small town of Montallegro. Siculiana Marina will not be very far away. Accommodation in a hotel on the seaside.


After breakfast, you’ll ride on hilly trails of asphalt along the coast. You’ll cycle past the magnificent white rock formation Scala dei Turchi, another great place to take a swim! Then you’ll be rolling down towards the port of Porto Empdocle. You have the chance to take a break at a local bar in the characteristic old town section. Next you’ll cycle to the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento: Sicily’s oldest and most important tourist attraction. The Valley of the Temples was part of Akragas, founded by the Greeks in 581 B.C., and considered by the Greek poet Pindaro: “The most beautiful town ever inhabited by people”. The five temples are dedicated to the following deities: Juno, Concordia, Hercules, Jupiter and Castor and Pollux. You can take a walk among the temples. you’ll finally cycle to the old town where you can take a break at a bar and return the bikes, for this time!