In 1693 the southeast part of Sicily was hit by a severe earthquake. After, the towns were rebuilt in baroque style. Every town wanted to be the most magnificent. To bike among these territories is an architectural party! This tour is both exiting and beautiful, and its easiness most people. You will interact with the island’s history in a more intensive way than by car!

You cycle around the southwest tip of the island in a beautiful landscape and fantastic beaches, which usually you have for yourself. From sea to sea ends in Siracusa, which was, according to Cicero, the most beautiful town in the world.

THE BAROQUE SICILY BY BIKE. Easy cycling from Chiaramonte Gulfi to Syracuse.


You arrive at the airport in Catania and will be transported by bus or taxi to Chiaramonte Gulfi, where you will be spending the night in a hotel. After receiving bicycle with equipment, map and route description, you’ll enjoy a nice dinner at the same place.


After breakfast, we cycle northeast along narrow roads framed by dry stone walls.  You’ll GET a fantastic view over the small town of Monterosso. You stop at the Piazza, where you can see church San Giovanni and take a break at a local bar. The route continues down along good asphalt roads, going through the small town of Giarratana, where you’ll have the chance to have a nice lunch. Afterwards you’ll be cycling along a gorgeous archaic landscape, heading down the winding, choppy road towards Ragusa Ibla, the city center.  There you will be staying at a hotel. Ragusa is UNESCO protected due to its great Baroque architecture. In the evening, you can enjoy dinner in one of the town’s great restaurants.


The day’s route starts at the bottom of the valley, alongside the Irmino river. You’ll ride along a hillside towards the city of Modica. This town is known not only for its gorgeous baroque churches, but also for its chocolate production. When the Spaniards arrived in this town a couple of hundred years ago, they brought this tradition, learned from the Aztecs in Mexico. If you‘d like, you may visit a chocolate factory and sample the chocolate. It is also recommended a visit to thee wonderful San Giorgio church, one of the most beautiful baroque churches in all of Sicily. And there is no lack of bars in this town either! The tour continues along the bottom of the valley past the town of Scicli, arriving later to the beautiful beach of Donnalucata. In the afternoon, you’ll cycle back to Scicli, where you’ll be staying at a B&B in the old town.


After breakfast, you’ll start cycling among stonewalls and carob trees, ending up in the seaport of Pozzallo. By the Cabrera tower you may take a break at a nice bar and maybe take a swim on the beautiful beach near town. Then you’ll head south along the coast, where you find other great swimming opportunitIES! Afterwards you’ll be wheeling up towards Ispica, and you find accommodation at the historic B&B at the Sinatra Piazza. Ispica exists since the Roman time, but as many other towns it was destroyed by the earthqueake in 1693 and rebuilt in baroque style. The view is gorgeous from here.


In the morning, you go downhill towards the coast, and near Granelli you find new swimming opportunities. Afterwards you’ll be wheeling up towards the city of Pachino, known for its production of cherry tomatoes. Bar opportunities. The landscape here is increasingly wind-swept and barren. You continue towards what is considered Europe’s southernmost city, Porto Palo di Capo Passero and continue to the beautiful fishing town of Marzamemi. Here there’s been tuna fishery going on since the 800s AC. Bar and swimming opportunities. In the evening, you’ll head up the hills in direction of Noto. This town was demolished after the earthquake in 1693. During the reconstruction, some of the most famous city planners and architects of the day were given the opportunity to display their talents. You will be staying the night in a B&B in the old town.


We start cycling north-eastward, toward the town of Avola. The town center has a hexagonal form, and the entire area is famous for its almond production. It is recommended that you visit the Bar Agatino, where you can enjoy almond sorbet in a bun. Then you’ll head northeast along the coast. At Fontane Bianche, you find god swimming opportunities. Early in the afternoon, you finally arrive to Siracusa. According to Cicero, this city was the most beautiful in the world. You’ll cycle Into the island of Ortigia and return the bikes there. The tour is over for this time!