Would you like to avoid driving yourself on the Sicilian confusing roads? Are you four people traveling? Then this tour may be for you!

‘Sicily by taxi’ is a tour in which you are driven around on the island with a private driver, but you have also the opportunity to do some olive and almond picking and learn some Sicilian cooking. J.W. Goethe wrote ‘Italy without Sicily doesn’t leave any trace in your soul. Here you find the key for everything’. Sicily doesn’t comprehend only food, wine and olive oil, but also architecture and art, history, culture, landscape and climate and with this tour you get a glimpse of it all!

With a practical base in Caltanissetta, we’ll explore the inner parts of the island: you will get to see much of Sicily! Since you are just four, it is easy to meet the local inhabitants in areas where tourism is rare.

The last days we will discover the island’s southeastern tip, with its UNESCO protected town of Siracusa.

The program adapts to the weather and the daily form of the group. We also give importance to time for yourselves.



You’ll arrive at the airport in Catania or Palermo and be driven to Caltanissetta by taxi. Check in at B&B Wine and Bike, which lays surrounded by a big fruit garden. In the evening there will be welcome dinner.


A breakfast with fresh products from the garden will be served on the terrace overlooking the volcano Etna. Afterwards we will visit the old town in Caltanissetta. This town lies about 600 meters above sea level, in the middle of the so-called “granary of Italy”: durum wheat is being grown here as far as the eye can see. The climate and the soil are also well suited for almond and olive production. Here almost everyone who owns a piece of land produces their own olive oil.

In the morning, we will take a walk around the Arabic and medieval old town of Caltnissetta. There we’ll visit several beautiful churches and theaters. We will also visit a torrone factory, where we’ll see how the famous torrone is made. A typical fruit and vegetable market is a required-stop, where we may buy seasonal fruits and vegetables for lunch.

In the afternoon, we take a walk in a natural reserve and meet with a local farmer who makes wine from his vineyard. In the evening, there will be dinner together.


We’ll drive down to the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. Once it was part of the town of Akragas, which was founded by the Greeks in 581 BC, and was described by the poet Pindaro as: “The most beautiful town ever inhabited by people”. The five temples still existing are dedicated to the following deities: Juno, Concordia, Hercules, Jupiter and Castor and Pollux. The Valley of the Temples is considered Sicily’s oldest and most important tourist attraction, and it is therefore UNESCO protected.  The walk’s length is adapted to the group’s form.

We’ll continue to the beach where we’ll enjoy the view of the gorgeous rock formation Scala dei Turchi: this staircase of gypsum stone is beautiful, not to mention it’s also a great place to take a swim! Then we drive back to the B&B in Caltanissetta, where we’ll take a break before dining together.


In the morning, we leave Caltanissetta and head eastwards to Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina. This is a Roman hunting lodge from the 3rd and 4th century AC. The mosaics on the floor are among the finest remaining from the Roman era, and they are famous all over the world. We will than take a walk at Piazza Armerina, where, among other things, we are going to see the cathedral, which is one of the largest in Sicily.

Then we drive back to the B&B in Caltanissetta on old asphalt roads, where we’ll take a break before dining together.


The following morning the tour continues to Sutera, which is situated at the foot of Mount San Paolino.  Sutera has been inhabited for at least 7,000 years. The current town was founded by the Arabs: they gave it the name of Soter, which means “safe”, emphasizing the town’s strategic position. From this small mountain town with approximately 2,000 residents, one has a wonderful view over large parts of the island. The oldest district is called Rabato, it was built by Muslims about 1000 years ago.

We’ll go on tour around the Arab district and up the mountain. We’ll eat lunch in the Arabian part of town in front of Chiesa Madre.

Then we head northeast, passing Mussomeli and Polizzello, to Regaleali in Vallelunga, which has been owned by the Count family Tasca d’Almerita since 1833. Their vines cover 320 acres of land. Some of the island’s best wines are produced from these grapes. We’ll take a look at the production facility and taste different wines. In the evening, we’ll drive back, passing by Marianopoli, to the B&B in Caltanissetta, where we’ll take a break before dining together.


After breakfast, we drive to Sicily’s south-east tip. This area has wonderful cities and towns in Baroque style, rebuilt after the earthquakes that hit this part of the island in 1693. Some of these towns are today UNESCO-protected, like Ragusa and Modica. We stop for a walk in both towns, experiencing piazzas and churches. Modica is also known for its chocolate production. When the Spaniards arrived in this town a couple of hundred years ago, they brought this tradition, learned from the Aztecs in Mexico. We will see the chocolate factory and do tastings. In the afternoon we will continue south along the coast. There will be for sure time for a swim before arriving to Siracusa.

We find accommodation in a nice hotel in the center, take a break and have dinner in a local trattoria.


This town was founded by the Greeks from Korinthos in the 700 A.C. For a while, it was the most powerful and gorgeous town in the Mediterranean. Here Archimedes, Pindar and Socrates lived. In the fifth century B.C. Siracusa controlled all Sicily. We still find the ruins of Greek temples and theatres. We will walk around Ortigia and have lunch in a characteristic place. In the afternoon, we will visit the archeological park and theater, seeing also Dionysus’ ear. After time for yourselves, there will be final dinner.


You will be accompanied to the airport of Catania