Booking information

How to book

If you want to book or get information about a tour with Sicilyexplorer, please send a mail to: regarding the tour you are interested in!

When you book, you provide full name, address, e-mail and height (for bike tours). You will then receive an invoice for paying a security deposit upon registration. The deposit will amount to 10 % of the total charge for the trip.

Final payment has to take place within 45 days before departure.

We reserve the right to change tour contents / departure time / hotels / itinerary and other factors over which we have no control.

You must have a European health insurance card or a travel insurance.

Sicilyexplorer is a Norwegian company and member of the Travel Guarantee Fund in Norway.

We disclaim responsibility for printing errors in the catalogues, in travel documents and in the website.

Booking information

Sicilyexplorer does not arrange tours on fixed dates. We want to avoid the risk that you buy flight tickets for a canceled tour, due to lack of participants.

Instead, Sicilyexplorer arranges tours for already formed groups, and the period is completely at your choice. These are the rules regarding group number in relation to our tours:

– Bike tours without guide: at least 2 people

– Bike tours with guide, wine and gastronomic tours: at least 8 people

– For any other groups with special requests, you can just send in the registration model and we will do our best to help you!

Sicilyexplorer takes care of all the bookings, price negotiations, guides, entrance fees and all details that make a successful holiday. We also assume total responsibility for settlements with suppliers.

Arranging group tours requires expertise. At the planning stages, a vast number of choices have to be made. After more than 20 years of experience in Sicily, we have gained both professional skills and market knowledge, in order to set up the very best program for you and your group.

If you wish, we offer a’ technical’ guide, who will take care of all practical matters, such as check-ins in hotels, deals with restaurants and bus companies and so on. The guide is also responsible for unforeseen events, such as sickness. You will be able to concentrate on the experience and the social atmosphere in your group.

How to cancel

The following rules will apply for cancellations: If the trip is canceled over 90 days prior to departure, you will be debited a cancellation charge.

If the trip is canceled between 89 and 40 days prior to departure, Sicilyexplorer will keep the 10% of the total price.

If the trip is canceled between 39 and 14 days prior to departure, Sicilyexplorer will keep 50% of the total price.

If the trip is canceled 13 days or less before departure, Sicilyexplorer keeps the entire amount.