About us

Sicilyexplorer produces, organizes and leads tours all over Sicily. We have specialized over the years in holidays enjoyed by cycling in Sicily, as well as wine tours.

Sicilyexplorer was created 20 years ago because we wanted to let people discover and experience part of this island that are hidden away from mass tourism circuits. We belive in a sustainable, relaxed and genuine way of traveling around the island.

We are a small family-driven company based in Caltanissetta, which lays at the center of the island.

When you buy an organized holiday with us, you buy directly by who actually organizes the tours on the island, avoiding costly intermediaries (see hoe to book here).

Sicilyexplorer is member of the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Found.

Sissel Bakken.

Sissel Bakken is the founder of Sicilyexplorer. She has lived in Sicily for more than 30 years. Sissel is an architect and amateur cyclist, curious by nature and loves to interact with people from all over the world. She is usually leading the guided tours.

Salvatore Amico.

Salvatore Amico is a veterinary and also an eager hobby cyclist. He has become over the years a pretty good bike mechanic! Sometimes he comes along on the tours!
They together run B&B Bike and Wine!