Cycling tours
Our cycling tours are designed and personalized in order to fit everyone's form, interests and whishes. Ride along old narrow asphalt roads surrounded by uninhabited landscape and virgin nature. Experience unforgettable food, quality wine, hidden places and art. READ MORE Read More
Cycling tours and hikes
Sicily is a very unique place, you won't have to hike for long on this beautiful island to experience it’s beauty. The slow pace of both hicking and cycling will allow you to catch unforgettable details. These two in combination are a wonderful and original way of discovering the territory Sicily is an island full of surprise! is READ MORE Read More
Gastronomic and wine tours
Sicilian wine production has reached awesome results in recent years, and the food is to die for. Because of Sicilians love to eat endless meals, they have become today very skilled food and wine artists. It is no secret that Sicilian gastronomy is among the most exciting in Italy...Get ready and do not ever try to diet in Sicily! READ MORE Read More
Architecture and art tours
It is said that most of the world's art and architecture is localized in Italy. Did you know that 80 % of it you find it in Sicily? The island is a true goldmine for anyone with the slightest interest in history. READ MORE Read More

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